An effective and safe way to eliminate diseases by removing "dirty blood" from the body.

The blood has the ability to stagnate, because only part of it passes through the vessels. The rest is “hidden” in reserve (in case of emergency hypoxia, bleeding, etc.).
Blood in inactivity gradually loses its quality and absorbs the negative consequences of human functioning (malnutrition, stress, contaminated air, etc.). Bleeding is a simple way to remove stagnant blood.

Hijama technique involves the use of vacuum boxes. The blood removed from the body provokes stress, which activates the restoration mechanisms: the body "starts to produce new blood."
Indications for use:
• Gynecology;
• Myocytes;
• chronic fatigue syndrome;
• Ear, throat, nose diseases;
• Violation of blood circulation in the brain;
• Diseases of the male genital organs;
• Bruises, stretching, scoliosis;
• Osteochondrosis of the spine (cervical, thoracic or lumbar);
• Vegetovascular dystonia;
• diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, liver, gall bladder;
• vascular and heart disease;
• respiratory diseases;
• Gastrointestinal disorders;
• Psycho-emotional failures;
• the fight against obesity;
• Prevention of aging of the body,
• Normalization of metabolism.
• Hypotension;
• Chronic heart pathologies;
• Poor concentration of blood cells;
• pregnancy;
• mental disorders;
• Child and elderly age (over 70 years).
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